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We are a technology, computer, and Internet consulting company.

Unlike a web design company or a marketer, we concentrate in all areas of web design, consulting, efficiency, networking, merchandise sales, marketing through text SMS and much, much more. We are able to integrate all technology areas of your business or personal life so that you are able to be more productive, happy, and prosperous.

Below is a short list of things we can help with:
  • Website design
  • Website consulting
  • Internet Technology
  • Business startup
  • Business plans
  • An online database
  • Intranets Design
  • Website promotion
  • Promotion Tools (i.e. business cards, flyers, pamphlets, newsletters, brochures, etc.)
  • Creative consulting
  • Networking
  • Phone Systems
  • Research
  • Product Solutions
  • Efficiency consulting
  • General computer consulting
  • Electronics
  • And much more…

All of these are available to you and all at discount prices.

Check out our Flat Fee Consulting and Flat Fee Web Design plans.

If you are looking for a cost estimate for website design, be sure to look at the online estimator at EasyKDesigns.com or Click Here.


We can help you build eye-catching websites and promote them or teach you how to promote them. 

We can help build your network, phone system, or even order you a laptop computer suited to your needs.


We feel that website consulting (or website design) is only the start of a much larger field called technology consulting. Technology consulting encompasses:
We understand tomorrow’s technology for today’s problems

"Knowing today’s technology is not enough; we must also understand and prepare for tomorrow."

-Mark Allen

Modern technology can be a great asset, both for personal and business reasons, but its "implementation can be disastrous" if not done correctly.

Who will help you with this?

We will.

"The technology alone is not enough; you have to understand the technology and learn how to use it effectively."

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